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This autistic boy is making a difference in the ocean

By on September 6, 2018

rio-play Rio’s fascination with water began at a very early age; he has always been almost magically drawn to it. After all, his name means “River” in Spanish. It was meant to be! One way that Rio’s autism manifests itself is in his obsessions with certain things. The sea and all the living creatures that inhabit […]

Finding Peace in the Office

By on July 25, 2004

Like any social situation, a professional environment is bound to have its good and bad apples. There is no rule that says that once you find a job, you will enjoy working with each of your coworkers. In fact, you are bound to run into a colleague who irritates or even offends you. In these situations, it often becomes your responsibility to maintain a professional attitude. Here are some common types of “nightmare coworkers” and tips on...