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Psychopharmacology of Autism Spectrum Disorders

By alex on June 23, 2005

Google News reports: Psychiatric Times, CA - Jun 20, 2005
... wide range of symptom expression across individuals as well as across disorders on the autism spectrum (high-functioning autism, Asperger's syndrome, pervasive ...

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Oily fish hope in fight against child autism

By alex on May 30, 2005

Google News reports: Edinburgh Evening News, UK - 5 minutes ago
EATING more oily fish could help manage autism in children, according to a study involving Edinburgh's Sick Kids Hospital. A possible ...

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Second Life Teaches Life Lessons

By alex on April 6, 2005

As a massively multiplayer online game, many people think of Second Life as little more than a virtual playground. But an increasing number of people and organizations are employing the game in applications that are useful for far more than entertainment.

Mahay's charges spend their in-world time on the small island known as Brigadoon, a place created for sufferers of autism and Asperger's syndrome to try out the social interactions that are...


YSU center recognized for helping students

By alex on March 20, 2005

Patrick Davis knew he was different, and so did his mother.
As a child, he was aloof. He didn't socialize well with classmates. He was impatient and on occasion prone to verbal and physical outbursts.
His grades went down. He received counseling. He was tested for attention deficit.
"My mother always said, 'There's something going on; I just don't know what it is,'" Davis recalls.
After years of frustration, Davis and his mother finally...

Finding out about autism and support services in Wales

By alex on March 3, 2005

Mar 3 2005

Jenny Rees, Western Mail

IT IS thought that there are around 18,000 children and adults in Wales with an autistic spectrum disorder or ASD. Yet surprisingly little is known about what causes the condition, which includes Asperger syndrome.

Autism is often a misunderstood condition. Those with the disorder can be thought of as "odd" or "clumsy" yet they are simply having problems communicating in the conventional way.


Sons’ disabilities lead mom to new career

By alex on February 28, 2005

At 38, Dorothy Taylor wanted to start a family and, in 1992, she had two sons.

"They had some severe issues, and there were no positive answers for them," she said. "I had one psychologist tell me to institutionalize my child. Had I been some young mom, I would have given up and walked away without any hope."

One of Taylor's sons suffers from Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism, and the other boy struggles with pervasive developmental...


Leaving Baltimore: Finding a home; Searching for a new beginning

By alex on January 1, 2005 reports:

One year ago this week, Patricia Lewis, 44, left her siblings and her Northwest Baltimore neighborhood for the Eastern Shore. With her, she collected up the few worldly belongings she owned and most importantly, her 8-year-old son, Karih.

Karih suffers from a form of autism known as Asperger's Syndrome. The condition leaves the child with challenges learning how to play and interact with other children. He was initially...

Family Wins Therapy Funding For Autistic Son

By alex on December 29, 2004

Reference: BBC News

By Maggie Taggart
BBC Northern Ireland education correspondent

An east Belfast family has won a legal battle to get full funding for an intensive course of home teaching for their autistic son.

Paul's mother Ruth campaigned for teaching at home
It is believed to be the first time an education and library board has been ordered to pay the full cost of the therapy, which can cost up to £30,000 a year.

A BBC...

MMR report ‘not denial of autism link’

By alex on October 13, 2004

The Guardian reports:

Serious questions were raised last night over the scientific evidence used by the government to reject claims of a link between the MMR vaccine and regressive autism in children.

A US paediatrician, Dr F Edward Yazbak, told The Observer that a study of more than 500,000 Danish children, regarded as the definitive analysis of the vaccine, should not be interpreted as ruling out a link between the jab and an increase in...


Parents fight for new home for autistic daughter

By alex on September 16, 2004

A Welsh family has launched an urgent bid to build a new home to help their autistic daughter, who lives in fear of noises causing her physical pain.
Stephanie Blayney, 14, suffers from both autism and the rare condition, hyperacusis, which means that everyday sounds - including children's voices and traffic - can inflict agony.
When she hears the noises in her village of Guilsfield in Powys, Stephanie presses her hands over her ears and...

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