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7 Great Autism Videos from the IMFAR Conference You Don’t Want to Miss

By on July 13, 2011

If you missed IMFAR 2011 this year, don't fret! Alex and the Wrong Planet crew did extensive coverage of the conference (the largest scientific meeting for autism research) in San Diego, California. We were given an all access pass to this internationally attended event.

Alex sat down with a lot of interesting people including: John Elder Robison, Clara Lajonchere and David Mandell. In addition to the interviews, there's also coverage...

Laughter research a first – Ballarat Courier

By on September 24, 2005

Google News reports:
Laughter research a first
Ballarat Courier, Australia - Sep 13, 2005
... first. Errin Jones, 24, is focussing on the social behaviour of humour and laughter in children with autism and Asperger's Disorder. ...

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Technology Support to Track the Effectiveness of Intervention Therapies

By on August 9, 2005 reports: "In treating children with autism, it is critical in many programs and services to track significant amounts of data, both for reporting purposes and in assessing learning, behavior and intervention effectiveness. Current data collection techniques can be extremely time consuming, may inhibit the caregiver-child interaction, may be subjective, and do not always communicate all of the information needed to fully assess the...

Yoga? It’s Child’s Play

By on June 14, 2005

Google News reports:, TX - 2 hours ago
... In the US, positive results have been reported among kids with autism, Down's syndrome and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

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Oily fish hope in fight against child autism

By on May 30, 2005

Google News reports: Edinburgh Evening News, UK - 5 minutes ago
EATING more oily fish could help manage autism in children, according to a study involving Edinburgh's Sick Kids Hospital. A possible ...

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Sons’ disabilities lead mom to new career

By on February 28, 2005

At 38, Dorothy Taylor wanted to start a family and, in 1992, she had two sons.

"They had some severe issues, and there were no positive answers for them," she said. "I had one psychologist tell me to institutionalize my child. Had I been some young mom, I would have given up and walked away without any hope."

One of Taylor's sons suffers from Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism, and the other boy struggles with pervasive developmental...

D-Cycloserine May Improve Autism Symptoms

By on November 23, 2004

Yahoo News Reports:

D-cycloserine, a drug that has shown to reduce symptoms in schizophrenics, appears to significantly improve social and communication skills in children with autism, according to the results of a small pilot study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry.

Creative Therapy

By on August 19, 2004

Jennifer Edge has opened up a new store unlike any other in Monroe -- Primitive Soul Art Studio. The store is the Oregon native's brainchild created with the intention of bringing healing through art to all ages in the area. Edge is an art therapist and artist, having worked with various populations, including developmentally disabled individuals, children in schools, including Monroe's Alternative Charter School, children from violent...

Kids With Asperger’s Receive Help

By on August 13, 2004

Channel 2 news reports:
People with Asperger's may be extremely smart, but they lack social skills.

Dr. Christopher LoPata of Canisius College said "they might know everything going on in baseball, but if you try to introduce a new topic, the kids can't follow...they keep coming back to baseball, that causes difficulty in social relationships."

Man ‘cured’ of autism to give lecture

By on July 6, 2004

The Scotsman - Edinburgh,Scotland,UK reports
A CONTROVERSIAL autism expert is making a return to the Capital to give a lecture about the disorder.

Raun Kaufman, a United States-based international lecturer, claims he was "cured" of autism and will give a free talk at the National Museum of Scotland.