Dear Aspie: Limerick Competition!


Think you’re a poet and want all to know it?

Submit your limericks relating to AS and autism. First place will receive an autographed copy of Animals in Translation by world-famous autistic author Dr Temple Grandin. The top three will be published in “Dear Aspie”!

Read on for details!
For a limerick to be considered, it has to relate somehow to Asperger Syndrome or autism in general.

Send up to three limericks by Personal Message to GroovyDruid, or e-mail them to [email protected], and be sure to include your exact user name. The contest will end in about a week.

Since we are a website for all ages, please refrain from profane or obscene language or particularly bawdy content in your limericks. (We can’t publish them, even if they’re great.)

Here’s an example of what a limerick would sound like:

There once was an aspie named Nate,
Who decided he’d go on a date.
But she took him out shopping,
And talked without stopping,
As he trailed behind cursing his fate!

Good luck to all!

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