Organisations that help people with ASD date

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13 Oct 2020, 6:36 pm

after watching Love on the spectrum, i was thinking how good the Ozzy social services / ASD support services must be to help people with a diagnosis of ASD work out how to date.

I am very high functioning, but still am very shy and no good at asking woman i like out.
I guess part of it is anxiety and another part is fear of rejection or lack of self confidence when it comes to dating.

I often self sabotage my chances by being brutally honest about my short comings (doh!, which is the opposite to NT men), so i usually end up changing potential partners minds by telling them my flaws instead of selling myself.

Anyway, i live in the UK, as well as a really odd and backward part of the UK with regards to how people with ASD are concerned (Bedlam anyone?... Nazi's sterilisation program IS their ASD dating strategy (actually, the island i live on was the only UK territory occupied by the Nazi's in the second world war....)

So yep, if anyone knows of any really good resources that can help us people with ASD develop skill in dating and finding potential partners. please post below...



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Yesterday, 7:39 am

No advice but as an Aussie I feel I must correct the misconception that what you saw on the show was social services.

I think it was almost all private services. Everyone on that show, except maybe the bus driver and his wife, were all rich as can be. Their houses were insanely nice. Most people can't afford to buy their kid and the kid's spouse a house, and a fancy billiards table. Most aspies can't afford any of what you saw on that show and get neglected like aspies everywhere else.

Casting is currently underway for season 2 so there'll be more.

Sorry I couldn't help, good luck.