He wants to make things official ?

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08 Jul 2022, 4:31 am

I've gone on a few dates with a guy, and we always have a good time and talk every day on snap chat or with texting. Last weekend things just didn't work out for us to hang out like we originally planned to between his kid getting sick and family stuff going on for him. Its no sweat though other then one day I already had plans with family, and couldn't he asked if I wanted to go watch fire works with him. He didn't seem too upset but started how he thought it'd be romantic to ask me out under fire works, and made some cheesy pun that it was a good day to what's the word make it official how we have fireworks. It caught me off guard, a little bit even if I really like him so I got flustered and it seemed like he could tell. He stated he just wanted me to know his intentions and how he really likes me, but if I need a little longer to make things official we can wait. It caught me off guard a bit as my few times in the past I've tried dating I didn't have no luck or wasn't treated very well. I still have yet to give him a answer but I most likely will when we meet this weekend

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08 Jul 2022, 6:10 am

Don’t jump in unless you’re SURE.


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08 Jul 2022, 4:19 pm

Just make sure he doesn't have any specific traits/values that you would consider a deal-breaker before jumping into a relationship with him. I'd hate for you to agree to be his girlfriend only to discover that he's a big time smoker the day after, when you absolutely couldn't date a smoker.

I always feel like it's a good idea (within the first month of going out with someone) is to assess how compatible you are with them and to screen for potential deal-breakers early on. As an example, if you could never date someone that smokes or vapes, that should be a question you're asking them early. Or maybe you find out they love to party and smoke weed all day, and that may be a lifestyle incompatibility for you two if you're not into that.

The reason you screen for deal-breakers early is because it's easier to walk away from someone before emotional attachments are formed.