How to Flirt and Get a Date! – Autism Talk TV 20

Alex Plank Flirts

In this episode of Autism Talk TV, I discuss flirting and dating with Dr. Liz Laugeson from UCLA’s PEERS Program. This is the first episode of our social skills series we filmed at The Help Group. And the best part about this episode is that I demonstrate asking out a REAL girl!

Liz first walks me through the process of flirting which involves making eye contact, smiling, and then looking away right when the other person smiles and notices you.

Next we go over asking a girl or guy out on a date which involves finding a common interest and suggesting something that relates to that common interest. There’s more to it but you’ll have to watch to find out all the tips and tricks relating to body language, eye-contact, and what to say!

Watch the episode to learn about flirting and dating!

Also check out our how-to guide on joining a social circle and making friends!

UCLA’s PEERS Program is located in Los Angeles, CA

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