Speak Up & Speak Out – Alex Plank Keynote – Autism Talk TV 22


Alex Plank

In this special episode of Autism Talk TV, Wrong Planet founder Alex Plank gives the keynote talk at the Speak Up and Speak Out Summit in Springfield, Illinois. As many of you are aware, Alex speaks at conferences all over the United States and all over the world in countries such as Denmark.

Unlike most of the conferences Alex speaks at, Speak Up and Speak Out isn’t specific to Autism or Asperger’s. In fact, the conference was attended by hundreds of people with all types of disabilities such as Down Syndrome, Williams Syndrome, Deafness, and physical disabilities. Parents and caregivers were in attendance as well.

For a full list of Alex’s appearances, visit his website where you can also contact Alex to speak at your conference or event.

For information on the documentary about autism in France, check out Shameful’s Official Site. Also check out Autism Rights Watch.

By Alex Plank

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