Interview: Asperger’s Are Us Filmmakers Mark Duplass and Alex Lehmann

Alex Lehmann’s documentary Asperger’s Are Us follows an all-autistic comedy troupe of the same name. The film, produced by Mark Duplass, will be out on iTunes November 15th and is currently playing in select theaters. It’s an eye-opening look into a group of four hilarious comedians, Noah Britton, Jack Hanke, Ethan Finlan, and New Michael Ingemi who happen to be autistic.

Asperger’s Are Us dispels the commonly held misconceptions that autistics lack a sense of humor and that we’re more focused on math and science. Besides being insightful and revelatory, the film is also incredibly entertaining. The guys in this comedy troupe are charming and constantly cracking jokes. Even by the end of the movie (which runs 82 minutes) I was left wanting to see much more of the troupe. I did fortunately have the opportunity to watch them perform live when they were in Los Angeles and the audience was laughing the entire show. If you have a chance to watch them live, it’s definitely worth it. They are opening for Imo Phillips at the Boston Comedy Festival on the 19th of November and have other shows planned as well.

I sat down with director Alex Lehmann and executive producer Mark Duplass and we had an exhaustive conversation about the film and the issues it brings up related to comedy, performance, and autism.


Check out the troupe’s official website, their Facebook group, and Twitter account.


Here’s the official trailer:

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