MAAP Recognizes!

As of September 17, 2004 ,The MAAP, a quarterly newsletter for the families of those with ASD’s such as Aspergers Syndrome, has formmally recognized! An article was posted under the headline (quote) “Autistic Teens Create Web Site For people with Aspergers Syndrome” (end of quote) in the MAAP’s “What’s News” Section in the 3rd 2004 edition. here is a quote from the first paragraphs…

(quote)”Two teens With Asperger’s Syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism, have created a web site called for others who have the disorder…The teens have launched their site…aiming to provide an online resource and community for those who have the disorder. The teens say (quote on quote)’While a myriad of of other Aspergers resources exist, the web sites out there do not fit the task…We need a forum where our goal is to try to coexist better in this world, not isolate ourselves from it…to learn how to use your uniqueness to your advantage and find your place in the world.’ (end of quote)”(end of quote)

Finally, our site has been formally recognized by a renowned news [leader], and there was not one negative thing about the site in the entire article. So, let’s give a really loud hand to the Founders of the site and the heroes of Aspergia…Alex and Dan!

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