Outage: Wrong Planet will be moving to new lightening-fast server

In the past week, we have had multiple unscheduled site service interruptions. This is unacceptable to the members, to me, and to the rest of the Wrong Planet staff.

Tonight, starting at 11:00 PM EST, we are migrating everything to a new, more expensive, but much faster site with a much better LayeredTech high performance data network.

As a result of the migration, the site may go down and at some point the forums will be locked to prevent changes while the database migration is ocurring. If you can’t get to WP during this time, don’t worry; we’ll be back soon.

If you’re a geek, read on for the server specifications. Otherwise, scroll down on the main page and read Kassianne’s article.
Wrong Planet’s amazing dedicated server
* AMD 3000+ Barton Processor
* 512KB L2 Cache
* 333MHz FSB
* 54.3 million transistors!!!
* 160GB Hard Drive
* Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Picture of the CPU:

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