Civil servant with Asperger’s fired and labeled a health hazard

By on July 26, 2006

Edinburgh, Scotland: A civil servant with Asperger's syndrome was fired by tax office managers after union representatives labelled him a health hazard, a tribunal has heard.

Patrick Roberts, 48, was sacked from his job with Customs and Excise when representatives from the LTS union described his behaviour as "a health and safety risk" to his fellow workers.

Parents claim teacher restrained kid – Boston Herald

By on September 17, 2005

Google News reports:
Parents claim teacher restrained kid
Boston Herald, United States - Sep 14, 2005
... But Barry Grushkin said he was never told restraints were being used on his daughter, Anaya ? who has Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism ? until he ...

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Coach bribes 8 year old to hit autistic child with ball

By on August 1, 2005

Friday, July 29, 2005 By Moustafa Ayad, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette UNIONTOWN -- An 8-year-old boy who told authorities he was bribed by his coach to throw a baseball at an autistic teammate testified yesterday that after he hit the teammate in the groin, the coach ordered him "to go out there and hit him harder." Entire Article

Mother: Autistic son mistreated in Barnegat school

By on December 9, 2004

The Asbury Park Press reports:

A Barnegat mother, who has said school officials in June used a chair to restrain her autistic son in a room, has filed complaints with the state Department of Education to investigate whether the district broke any laws while educating her two sons.

Teacher abuse worries parents of autistic kids in N.C.

By on November 28, 2004

The New Observer carries this AP report::

Parents commit an act of faith every day when they send their children to school, trusting that teachers and administrators will take proper care of their offspring.

That's especially true for parents of autistic children, some of whom can't speak for themselves when trouble arises. And a couple of recent cases alleging abuse by teachers are especially troubling for that reason. The Charlotte...

East Lansing, Ingham schools sued over autistic student’s care

By on October 26, 2004

Detroit Free Press Reports:

A woman says in a lawsuit that an agency working for the East Lansing School District repeatedly left her 21-year-old autistic son alone in a locked car rather than caring for him.

Our Wrongplanet alien has a friend!

By on August 20, 2004

Alex and I had an idea that our Wrongplanet alien should have a friend, now he has got one. Shes cute too! We are having a competiton, open to all our members, to find names for our two alien friends. Be as creative as you like, the best two names will be picked and used for the aliens. You can enter as many times as you like with your ideas. Just send an email to [email protected] with your entry ideas and they will be considered.

Kids With Asperger’s Receive Help

By on August 13, 2004

Channel 2 news reports:
People with Asperger's may be extremely smart, but they lack social skills.

Dr. Christopher LoPata of Canisius College said "they might know everything going on in baseball, but if you try to introduce a new topic, the kids can't follow...they keep coming back to baseball, that causes difficulty in social relationships."

Wisconsin, US: autistic boy died during priest’s exorcism

By on July 11, 2004

The BBC reports:
Court hears 'exorcism' death case

A court in the US state of Wisconsin has heard how an autistic boy died while being held down by worshippers and a priest during an exorcism.

Note from alex: Apparently, this BBC article is full of errors. The first error is that priests don't do exorcisms; only Bishops do. The second error is that the man who did this is not a priest.

Crying for mummy may shed light on autism

By on June 26, 2004

The Weekend Australian reports:
The discovery of a gene that controls the bonding process between infants and their mothers promises new insights into autism and other behavioural disorders.

An experiment in Italy has shown that knocking out a single gene transforms the way in which newborn mice relate to their mothers.