Exclusive: Watch the Banned French Autism / Psychoanalysis Film: The Wall

By on January 27, 2012

An anonymous source has given Wrong Planet a copy of the banned film in france that exposes human rights violations perpetrated by government funded psychoanalysts in France against autistic individuals in the country. Using a technique called “packing,” children (often unclothed) are wrapped tightly in frozen wet blankets for more than 45 minutes in an […]

Autism in France Pt. 2: Psychoanalysis Film Banned in France

By on January 27, 2012

It's a gloomy day. I'm riding on a train from New York City to Philadelphia with french filmmaker Sophie Robert for the international premiere of her film The Wall or Psychoanalysis Put to the Test for Autism. I was with Sophie in New York City filming a documentary yesterday when she received a call from her lawyer.

She was awaiting the results of a frivolous lawsuit brought against her by psychoanalysts upset by her exposé. Autistic...

Autism in France: Psychoanalysis, Packing, and Other Travesties: Why it Matters

By on January 17, 2012

Unlike most modern countries, the Autism Spectrum in France is viewed as a disease that can and should be cured. The dark-ages culture of neglect and abuse remains extremely strong. The documentary The Wall or Psychoanalysis Put to the Test for Autism reveals how outdated theories haunt Autism there.

David Heurtevent is a 32 year-old autistic self-advocate from France. He has travelled extensively and even got a degree from Georgetown....