Autism in France Pt. 2: Psychoanalysis Film Banned in France


It’s a gloomy day. I’m riding on a train from New York City to Philadelphia with french filmmaker Sophie Robert for the international premiere of her film The Wall or Psychoanalysis Put to the Test for Autism. I was with Sophie in New York City filming a documentary yesterday when she received a call from her lawyer.

She was awaiting the results of a frivolous lawsuit brought against her by psychoanalysts upset by her exposé. Autistic self-advocate David Heurtevent rushed into the room. The verdict was in. Sophie’s film was banned in France by a court decision that also forced her to immediately pay 60,000 US dollars to the three psychoanalysts behind the lawsuit.

Four days ago, we published an article covering Sophie’s film and the egregious autism situation in France. The story became viral and has already been read by more than 10,000 people, most of whom were shocked by the barbaric stories of torture, abuse, and neglect perpetrated by psychoanalysts on autistic individuals in France.

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Sophie started her production company in France a little more than one year ago. This film is her directorial debut. She had wanted to be a psychoanalyst when she was a young girl so giving psychoanalysts a platform to tell their story was an exciting topic for her first documentary film. She did not set out to create a film this controversial but the stories she heard speak for themselves.

Sophie is premiering the movie tonight at the ABAI conference in Philadelphia, PA. This is her first visit to the United States so the Association for Behavior Analysis International has been gracious enough to host the film screening.

An anonymous source has given Wrong Planet a complete copy of the banned film. We will be posting it very soon so keep checking Wrong Planet this evening.

Update: Watch the Movie!

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