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Do people with Asperger’s Hear Voices?

By on December 18, 2007

Dear Aspie:
Do people with Asperger's who don't have schizophrenia hear things that aren't there? Like thoughts in your head that never go away? What is it called and what can you tell me about it?

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Committee: Mental disorder did not cause cake incident

By on December 7, 2004

The Telegraph carries this AP story:

One of two girls accused of making a cake tainted with bleach and other substances and serving it to classmates cannot blame her actions on an autism-related condition, a school committee has ruled.

The girl's - both 13 - face charges including aggravated assault for allegedly baking a cornbread cake made with bleach, glue, Tabasco sauce and other substances that was given to students at East Cobb Middle...

Doctors Group Opposes Mandatory Mental Health Tests for Kids

By on November 24, 2004

Doctor Group Opposes Mandatory Mental Health Tests:

Under new law being considered, the federal government would require that every child in America undergo psychological screening and receive recommended treatment, including drug therapies.

Next week the Senate re-convenes to consider an omnibus appropriations bill that includes funding for grants to implement mandatory universal mental health screening for almost 60 million children,...

Man with Asperger’s freed from hospital for criminally insane after decade

By on October 3, 2004 reports:

A man suffering from Asperger's syndrome who was wrongly sent to Broadmoor hospital for the criminally insane, after being misdiagnosed with schizophrenia, has been released a decade later after a campaign by the British newspapers, the Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Telegraph.