Do people with Asperger’s Hear Voices?


Dear Aspie:

Do people with Asperger’s who don’t have schizophrenia hear things that aren’t there? Like thoughts in your head that never go away? What is it called and what can you tell me about it?


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Dear Tempy:

I could be wrong, but it doesn’t sound to me like schizophrenia. Only a professional (like a psychiatrist) can tell you for sure. If you think you’re hearing things, and if it’s really bothering you, I’d go see someone really soon, however, hearing voices can also be the result of taking certain classes of drugs (high doses of cocaine, amphetamine, or other stimulant) or a symptom of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

It’s worth noting that stimulants are used to treat depression and AS symptoms, and if this applies to you, you should see your doctor and make him or her aware of the fact that you’re hearing things. Sure, hearing voices can be a sign of something serious, but there are all sorts of things you have to rule out first, and that can only be done by a psychiatrist.

Everyone has thoughts that seem to go around and around in their heads. There are supposed to be all kinds of tricks for getting them out. I’ve never found that any of them work for the thoughts that go around and around in my mind. You’re not alone, and it’s nothing to worry about. Some people can’t get a song out of their heads.

I am not trying to make a diagnosis here, and again, if it’s really bothering you, or if the voices are telling you to hurt yourself or other people, or that you can do something very dangerous that no human can do….like flying under your own power….then you should probably see someone right away.

– BeenThereDoneThat

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