Autism Rights Watch Grieves for the Families after Newtown, CT Shootings

By on December 15, 2012

Autism Rights Watch grieves for the families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School and the community of Newtown, CT. We are devastated. Our wishes and condolences go to the many families affected. Our thoughts also go to the first responders who faced this horrific scene.

The news of the gunman massacre was an absolute shock. “Evil visited this community” said Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy. 20 year-old Adam Lanza made a...

Autistic man gets 3-year sentence in ricin case – Seattle Times

By on November 9, 2005

Google News reports:
Autistic man gets 3-year sentence in ricin case
Seattle Times, United States - 6 hours ago
Attorneys for 38-year-old Robert Alberg, who has a form of autism called Asperger's syndrome and has been diagnosed with clinical depression and other mental ...

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Asperger’s not linked to violence, experts say

By on October 30, 2004

The The Times (London) reports:

Bullied at school for his stilted speech and learning difficulties, Paul Smith was always seen as the "odd kid".

Like many sufferers of Asperger’s syndrome, the 18-year-old lacked social skills and hated crowded situations such as the fateful party last December.

Robert Durst and murder in Galveston Texas

By on October 15, 2004

CBS News Reports:

This man was AQUITTED of murder charges after it was made known to the jury that he has Asperger's syndrome and it interfered with his judgement abilities under stress. Unbelievable? Outrageous? Interesting? I'd like to present the link to this article at 48 hours mystery because anything in the media about Aspergers is going to influence the way we are perceived by the public.