”Those with hidden disabilities face the most discrimination.”

BeeBee writes “Or so says Beverly Hatlen, founder of the Minnesota Life College, a three year school for young adults with hidden disabilities including Asperger’s, Learning Disabilities, and speech or hearing difficulties. The school, housed in a modest apartment building selected for its proximity to bus lines, jobs and stores, doesn’t issue degrees but instead concentrates on “real skills for real life.”

2 thoughts on “”Those with hidden disabilities face the most discrimination.””


    • ChickenOutlaw on July 8, 2015

      Alex , I think this is true. I believe that people simply do not believe them to be disabled because we are visually knowing only physical disabilities. At the same time communication is not understood by most people in HR. They scan that 1st. It is easy for them to do because they CAN DO IT. Its still well below the radar. For them and for us. As usual the professionals are not backing us up. Neither MD’s or lawyers. To say nothing of some HR person with a bachelors degree. More education across the board is needed.
      With only a single person in the state qualified is it not easily understood that that ordinary person is going to go for their comfort level 1st?
      Wow. I feel my skin getting thicker already just thinking about it.

    • glebel on August 1, 2015

      This is exactly correct. Because we don’t look like we are ” abnormal”, we are often thought of as just weird. I have found that when I work, people see that I can get things done very efficiently and quickly, though ” normal ” people sometimes don’t like my methods because I can’t think inside the box. My main problem is of course getting hired and then having to deal with people. A little support goes a long ways.

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