WrongPlanet Wireless

After working hard for a few days (and charging an extra 5 dollars in a period of 30 minutes to my cell phone by using the WAP service for such a long interval), I am proud to announce WrongPlanet Wireless. If you have a WAP enabled cell phone, the most recent news items and forum threads will be available in the palm of your hand, no matter how far away you go from your computer. In addition, I’ve gotten some people to test out the JmIRC client and I can now say that it is possible to use a cell phone to talk in the WrongPlanet chatroom by downloading the JmIRC Client on a Java micro edition enabled cell phone (WrongPlanet WAP has a link to the client download). Please keep in mind that depending on your service plan, your provider may charge you for each kilobit downloaded. The wireless link in the menu will give you the details.

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