7 Great Autism Videos from the IMFAR Conference You Don’t Want to Miss


If you missed IMFAR 2011 this year, don’t fret! Alex and the Wrong Planet crew did extensive coverage of the conference (the largest scientific meeting for autism research) in San Diego, California. We were given an all access pass to this internationally attended event.

Alex sat down with a lot of interesting people including: John Elder Robison, Clara Lajonchere and David Mandell. In addition to the interviews, there’s also coverage of the tech demos and the introduction given by chief science officer of Autism Speaks, Geraldine Dawson.
David Mandell at IMFAR 2011

Clara Lajonchere, VP of Clinical Programs at IMFAR

Geraldine Dawson Interview

Peter Bell of Autism Speaks – IMFAR Interview in San Diego

John Elder Robison, author of Look me in the Eye and Be Different

IMFAR Tech Demo Awards

Geraldine Dawson Introduction to IMFAR 2011

Press Conference IMFAR 2011 HD

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