Autism Talk TV – Ep. 5 – Geraldine Dawson of Autism Speaks

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Hello and welcome to episode five of Autism Talk TV. This time around, Alex Plank and Jack Robison talk with Geraldine Dawson, the chief science officer at Autism Speaks. Dawson, who’s been involved in the autistic community for over 30 years, gives Autism Talk TV a sample of the research funded by Autism Speaks aimed at, not curing, but improving the lives of spectrumites.

We learn about some of the physical troubles autistic individuals sometimes face, such as sleep difficulties and GI problems, and how simply educating doctors could do a world of good. We also hear about the unfair segregation of autistic children in school communities, and how special education for aspies and auties could be made obsolete by simply raising awareness and educating teachers and school officials.

Read on for episode 5 of Autism Talk TV!
Thanks Geraldine for helping us. Geraldine Dawson is a wonderfully kind person, and is an essential piece of exactly the kind of organization Autism Speaks should be: equal parts caring and education.

See you next time on episode six of Autism Talk TV, featuring Steve Silberman of Wired Magazine, and the tale of his journey into neurodiversity and the cultural evolution of autism.

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