Steve Silberman – Autism Talk TV Ep. 6

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For the sixth episode of Autism Talk TV, Alex and Jack snag an exclusive interview with Steve Silberman, known primarily for his work as a writer for Wired Magazine. Ten years ago, Steve published his article “The Geek Syndrome,” one of the most famous magazine pieces on the topic of autism, addressing the apparent “epidemic of autism” in Silicon Valley. In this episode Steve shares his story about what got him so gosh darn interested in autism in the first place, and about his ever expanding research into “the ways that autism itself is a window into the larger question of neurodiversity.” Plus, Autism Talk TV gets an exclusive sneak peak into Steve’s up-and-coming book on the topic.

But wait- there’s more! This is only part one of a two-part interview. Check back for episode seven of Autism Talk TV to learn more from Steve Silberman, including discussion of many amazing contributions to society and technology made by spectrumites.

Read on for the video!
Endless thanks to Steve Silberman for lending us some time from his (very busy!) schedule. Steve is a great guy, and the crew of Autism Talk TV had an awesome time hanging out with him- he even treated us to lunch! And when his book is finished, you can bet we’ll be first in line for our copies.

Part 2:


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    • DRzero on June 26, 2015

      I just saw Steve’s awesome TED talk, “The forgotten history of autism”, on YouTube. I’ll watch these 2 interviews very soon.

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