Steve Silberman Part 2 – Autism Talk TV Ep. 7

Welcome back to Autism Talk TV. In episode seven, Alex and Jack are back for part two of our interview with Steve Silberman of Wired Magazine, author of the groundbreaking article, “The Geek Syndrome,” which addresses the “epidemic of autism” in Silicon Valley. Part one of the interview can be seen in the sixth episode of Autism Talk TV. As the interview continues, Steve shares several important contributions to society made by individuals on the spectrum.

Again, thanks to Steve Silberman for sitting down with us and giving us such an awesome interview. Steve is great, Steve is wonderful, all hail Steve.
Coming up next time on Autism Talk TV is an interview with Stephen Store, author of the book “Autism for Dummies” and “Beyond the Wall: Personal Experiences with Autism and Asperger Syndrome.” See you then!

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