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I was interviewed on Monday by Michael Boll of Autism Podcast. He asked me about WrongPlanet.net, autism, and my life as a successful individual with Asperger’s Syndrome. The interview is an interesting look into the person behind Wrong Planet (me).

I think we had a great interview and I really enjoyed reminiscing about my early childhood experiences, which many of you will definitely relate to. Also, we touched on what it’s like to run a gigantic web community of individuals who have the same condition as me.

Read on to listen to the show and hear what I sound like!

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About Autism Podcast

Autism Podcast is produced by Michael Boll, the father of six-year old boy on the autism spectrum. A twelve-year, certified classroom teacher, Michael decided to take some time off from his career to create and implement a home program that compliments his son’s school program.

He interviews parents, therapists, and other experts about the latest trends and methodologies for working with kids on the autism spectrum.

Episode 39: I talked with Alex Plank, the creator of wrongplanet.net, “The online resource and community for those with Asperger’s Syndrome.” We had a great discussion about his site, how it helps those with autism and what it is like to be an individual with Aspegers.

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Michael is also the co-host of the weekly program “Moving Your Child Up the Spectrum” on Autism One Radio.

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